F**K retainers.
F**K monthly fees.
F**K lame results.

You don't need a fancy or expensive agency to get results for your business... but you DO need a simple plan to follow... get it free!

Running ads on social for your local business shouldn't be so complicated...

Yes, it's really free... No weird tricks!

Honestly, do you actually like dealing with agencies?

Sure, there's a time and a place for agencies... but if you're a small business, it makes no sense to use them at all. Ultimately you want leads and sales as quickly as possible, and although an agency may seem like the shortest, easiest path... it's not!

It starts with good intentions, but often the results are not great or even clear, and sometimes they leave you wondering what you paid for... especially when they point out how many impressions they got you! Then there's...

Working with agencies? Plenty can go wrong!

  • High monthly fees
  • Even if your ad spend is low!
  • Complex reports
  • bad leads
  • lack of sales
  • NO control of the process
  • Full dependence on them!

This is the only way to truly maintain control of the lifeblood of your business, without depending on external agencies or paying high fees... but you need to:

Of course, you can always do it yourself... from scratch!

  • Have a plan
  • Create your own ads
  • Come up with copy for them
  • Think of offers
  • Figure out the tech stuff
  • keep track of it all
  • (and still, run your actual business!!)

Have you thought of how much money this is costing you?

Whether you're using an agency and hoping they get you results, or you're trying to do it yourself (or maybe you have your nephew/niece/intern <---- insert lucky bastard here -- trying to figure it all out!), you're wasting precious time and money

(actual footage of your marketing dollars being spent)

What if there was a different way?

No, this is not where we convince you that we are the non-agency (but still an agency) that will solve all your marketing problems...
Instead, we give you everything to execute on your own...

(come on... you knew this was coming 😎)

Get our tried and tested "easy-mode" social media ad plan. It is so simple and basic, you cannot mess it up-- you don't even need a website for this!




Custimize one of our complete Social Ad Packs. Everything is included, from creative, copy, offers, and even emails you could send (if you want)!

Deploy. Wish there was more to write here, but that's it... It really isn't that hard to do, but this step looks unbalanced if we don't add some more text...

"You don't have to be a genius or a visionary or even a college graduate to be successful. You just need a framework and a dream."

- Michael Dell

Ok, ok...
So what's in these

Social Ad Packs, you ask?

Here's everything you get from us to get your social ad campaign going as quickly and painlessly as possible...

Your Ad Creative

You get over 15 ready-to-go templates that you can make your own easily with a FREE version of CANVA. Simply change the logo, and some text to launch! (You can of course use your own images)

Your complete AD copy

Never be stuck for words, with our huge range of copy for the ads. Whether you're doing a free introductory offer, repeat offer, or anything in between, we got you covered!
Simply copy and paste to your ads, and adjust things like location and business name...

Your winning offers to start launching

Even if you already have offers and specials in place, these can help you launch and start getting clients fast!

Your perfect Targeting

Targeting locally is not too complex, but there are a few things you can do to stay ahead of the competition, and we walk you through these step by step!

Your perfect Headlines

The headline can make of break you ads, so we've done that heavy lifting for you also, so you can start with a solid foundation and test the headline the performs the best for you!

Bonus, baby!

If everything above wasn't enough, we're giving even more value with these limited-time bonuses! This is not bulls#it as the LAST bonus in particular, cannot stay forever!

This whole process is pretty straight forward. We're not even using a website to get leads from Facebook and Insta, but there are a few things you may not have setup, so these guides will... guide you!

1 Tech guides

2 Follow ups

No point in getting a lead if you don't follow up, so we give you phone, email, text and messenger scripts to make sure you have a solid follow-up process for the leads you collect!

3 Lead tracker

As you start getting a good volume of leads, you're going to want to track your leads in some way, to check how many convert to sales, etc... You may already have some system in place, but this is a handy sheet to help you get started!

BONUS... bonus

We'll actually jump on a call, and walk you through the whole process (which is not that hard anyway) to ensure you ACTUALLY use these bloody packs!

black corded telephone
black corded telephone

Put your money where?

Yep. We 100% guarantee our Social Ad Packs. You don't even have to give us a reason. Just shoot us a note, tell us you want a refund and it is done! We believe that what comes around goes around, so we're not in the business of pissing people off!

What do they say?

Easy to use

The ad templates are so easy to change on CANVA and the copy they provide is brilliant. It was so good to have a solid starting point and be able to just make tiny tweaks before rolling it out!

- Anna Jenkins


Amazed by great results!

I had been using a local agency, and they were not bad, but because my budget wasn't huge, I think I got a little bit forgotten... Plus, I was paying them more than I was spending on ads, which seemed a bit silly. I was getting meh results, but once I started doing it easy-mode, I got clear results straight away... with a tiny budget too!

- Danny Lores